Water Sking in Dubai

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There are two things that would make Dubai one of the most popular places in the world even if there was no Burj Khalifa, Dubai Winter Sports Center and Legoland; those things are Sun that is present 365 days a year and the warm water. That is why water sports fans come there to spend some quality time waterskiing, sailing, swimming and kayaking. Dubai throws a tournament every year that is one week long and most experienced water skiers from all over the globe come to compete, buy new gear, present their skills and above all – enjoy themselves in this paradise.

This pleasure is one of those that you have to pay for, but there is a wide price range, which makes it affordable for those with fortune and those less fortunate. When you rent a jet ski in Dubai Marina you will be asked how much time you want to spend having time; usual lending periods are 15 minute, half an hour and one fill hour. You can go alone or with a friend if you already have experience in this sport and if you are first timer there is always an experienced instructor who can come with you and help in case of emergency or just fill you in with some important information about water skiing.

Dubai Water Sports Association is very active and working throughout the whole year. They have a school for beginners and you can find their flyers at the hotels and restaurants. DWSA often have discounts for their regular customers and sometimes even for the beginners. You can pay for a monthly or year membership; ten minute ride costs around 11 Dollars.

Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa is lying on Jumeirah beach. It is a very popular and luxurious location, so it is only natural that ten minute rides on one of their jet skis costs around twenty Dollars, which is almost double comparing to DWAS. This resort organizes a variety of water activities, and one of the most interesting is deep sea fishing. They also possess a number of so called water toys, like rubber bananas, and they encourage people to bring their children along when going for one of the water adventures. They are in a possession of the newest, most modern and secured jet skis and boats, and they are highly recommended by those who used their services before.

There are some rules you have to follow in order to enjoy those ten minutes or one hour of amazing Dubai Water Skiing. Instructors will not let you go in the water if you are not at least 19 years old. You must wear security waist, but you also must be able to swim. Injuries that might occur while you are doing this will not be covered by your health insurance because it is considered that you are doing it by your own will and that you are aware of the things that might go wrong. Some insist that you have your ID with you, but it is not always the case.

So, make sure you can swim, put on a safety belt and jump on one of the Dubai Marina Water Skis!