Tour guide of Fujairah and its elegant hotel range


We have heard about the United Arab Emirates and Dubai a lot but their nearby places are also very famous for their traditional plus natural beauty. Fujairah is considered as an economically and socially developed city. Luxury Hotels in Fujairah and beaches-covered resorts make this place a heaven of sumptuousness. Fujairah has more than 30 hotels and resorts which are always ready to facilitate visitors and tourists. They are also gratifying commercial and economic development by arranging official visits of authorities and businessmen. These hotels include;

  1. Miramar Al Aqah Beach Resort
  2. Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort
  3. Radisson Blu Resort, Fujairah
  4. Fujairah Rotana Resort & Spa – Al Aqah Beach
  5. Millennium Hotel Fujairah
  6. Fairmont Fujairah Beach Resort
  7. Concorde Hotel – Fujairah
  8. Al Diar Siji Hotel
  9. Nour Arjaan by Rotana – Fujairah
  10. Novotel Fujairah
  11. V Hotel Fujairah
  12. Sandy Beach Hotel & Resort
  13. Royal Beach Hotel & Resort
  14. Fortune Royal Hotel
  15. City Tower Hotel
  16. Ibis Fujairah
  17. Mirage Hotel Al Aqah
  18. Mirage Hotel Dibba
  19. Capital Grand Hotel
  20. California Suites Hotel
  21. City Plaza Hotel
  22. Adagio Fujairah Luxury ApartHotel
  23. Siji Hotel Apartments
  24. Clifton International Hotel
  25. Fortune Hotel Apartment – Fujairah
  26. Fujairah Hotel & Resort
  27. Raynor Hotel Apartments
  28. Oasis Residence Fujairah
  29. Emirates Springs Hotel Apartments
  30. Fujairah Youth Hostel|

After continuous consideration and new ideologies, the rulers haven’t only promoted tourism in Fujairah. They also also encouraged dams’ implementation besides giving a special focus to industrial, commercial, and agricultural production. This made Fujairah a very attractive place for investors.

Fujairah includes many shopping centers, malls, restaurants, historical places that can be accessed easily. They also give you a great vision of emirates tradition and customs.

Various commodities and unique handmade products are available in Fujairah markets where some residents of this region and some artists professionally design handicrafts to represent traditions of the UAE. Household products are also traditionally crafted and characterized for attracting many visitors to buy them.

Fujairah has many customs and traditions, like the rest of the UAE. They wear long white cloak called The Kandura, or a dishdash, as a traditional clothing which is usually accompanied by a headscarf called a Guthra on their head. As they follow Islamic religion their women wear the black cloak or abaya which covers full body from head to toe.

Arabs are popular foodies and their mouthwatering dishes are very famous in other continents too. They like lamb, fish and rice recipes with unique herbs and curry. Popular dishes of the region include

  • Biryani
  • Raqaq (flat) Bread
  • Yeast Bread
  • Al Harees
  • Al Majboos
  • Al Salona
  • Al Madrooba
  • Fish

Beaches, hiking, shopping, traditional tour, or just for tasting new food, you can find the best places in Fujairah. For more information please visit tour guide of Fujairah and make your visit memorable.