Pain during and after root canal

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When you first hear the word ‘root canal’ the first thing which comes to the mind is the pain. Though it is true that a root canal can be painful but because of the modern technology and advancements, use of anesthetics has made the process less painful and safe. A dose of anesthetics provided before the procedure will make sure that there is no more pain than a usual dental filling. But you will still face pain after the canal which can be treated with good meds.

Pediatric dentists in Dubai says that it is important to remember that even if the pain after root canal treatment in Dubai is normal, excessive pain can be an alarm for something dangerous.

You must be wondering the reason behind the pain even after the process is carried out successfully and the problem has been fixed. Here are some reasons which can cause this pain.

The first reason of discomfort can be the inflammation of minor nerves that are present around the tooth. If you think your tooth holds only a single sensory nerve which sends the message of cold and hot to the brain and is now removed, you are wrong. There are several minor nerves and tissues still present around the gums and tooth for stabilizing the body and its processes. This is the reason, minor pain and discomfort can be felt.

It is highly possible that a mistake or some unprofessional treatment can cause instrumental damage. This simply means that while performing the procedure, an instrument hit have hit the sensitive area in your gums which wouldn’t have been noticeable because of anesthesia, which can later hurt.

Filling is another cause. When dentists fill the tooth with a temporary filling. They deliberately leave a good amount of it because the fillings tend to shrink down. But an excessive amount of filling which isn’t necessary can leave a tinge of pain and discomfort after the procedure of root canal.

Though the success rate of root canal is 95%, still there is a chance of procedure failing. This mostly happens because of not taking good care of teeth after the procedure or not following the dentist’s recommendation and start chewing and putting pressure on teeth before letting it settle down.