Information about solar power energy generation system


There is no denying the fact that use of fossil fuels for energy created countless opportunities for us to speed up the process of development like nothing else. With all its benefits we figured out how badly it is effecting our environment by emitting large quality of carbon into the atmosphere. This made us consider other options to fulfill our energy requirements that could produce sufficient energy for us without destroying eco system.

If truth be told, solar power energy generation system is one of the most popular renewable energy source in the world. Major reason behind its popularity is the fact that it can be used to generate energy from commercial generation to very small scale to fulfill the needs of a home. Demand for renewable energy in UAE can be determined with the increase in the use of solar based energy generation both commercially and on individual levels.

Solar power energy generation system produces energy combining various different parts together for this purpose. These can be divided into three categories based on their roles in the energy generation using sunlight as the source.

Energy absorption components

Solar panels consist of a number of solar cells connected with each other to absorb energy directly from the sunlight. Energy production of an individual cell is typically very less that is why these cells are connected together to generate larger amount of energy. To provide a platform and position these solar panels for the effective utilization of sunlight these panels are attached to the solar array mounting racks. These solar panel arrays are connected with an array DC disconnect which is used to disconnect energy supply during maintenance.

Energy conversion and supply components

It includes power meter, invertor, breaker panel and backup generator. Whereas, power meter provides data about the amount of energy produced and used by a solar power system. Invertor is used to convert DC power to AC power as all the home appliances are typically run by AC power. Breaker panel is used for the smooth supply of energy and backup generator is used to provide alternative energy when there is low energy production by solar panels.

Energy storage components

Charge controllers and battery packs are widely used solar equipment in Dubai for the energy storage. Whereas, charge controller guarantees proper voltage supply for the batteries. As solar panels can only generate energy in sunlight so batteries are used to store energy to be used at night.