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This is an update, a praise report that I just have to share on RW. How amazing is our Abba Father. A report from "heaven"  -  Blessings saints.

By Chaplain Bill Herrmann (A friend on FB)

"Bless The Lord, O My Soul,And All That Is Within Me,Bless His Holy Name." Psalms 103:1

Ok-Precious Friends-In-Jesus I Have a Wonderful Praise Report To Share For Today!!! All of You have Faithfully Been Praying For My Wife Patti regarding her Heart and the Pain and Affliction and Uncertainty. Verses and Scriptures have been claimed on my Wife's behalf....Petitions and Prayer Requests , Spoken and Unspoken Laid Before The Prayer Altar. Faithful and Fervent Prayers Have Been Dispatched To Glory--To God's Throne Room Itself... To Him Who Sits On The Mercy Seat..

"God Is Our Refuge and Strength,a Very Present Help In Trouble." Psalms 46:1

"What Time I Am Afraid,I Will Trust In Thee." Psalms 56:3

"Ask,And It Shall Be Given You;Seek,And Ye Shall Find;Knock,And It Shall Be Opened Unto You." Matthew 6:7

"And Whatever Ye Shall Ask In My Name,That Will I Do,That The Father May Be Glorified In The Son. If Ye Shall Ask Anything In My Name,I Will Do It. " John 14:13-14

And So In Faith, We Have Prayed Fervently and In Hours of Tears and Pleading, Supplication and Humility..Seeking Mercy and Grace,Understanding and Comprehension.

Patti has been through So Many Tests....Test to Determine Her Hearts, Strength,Are Their Blockages? What About Her Electrolytes and Are Their Indications Of Heart Disease Itself?

We Received Word through a Phone Call.....We Listened To The Phone Call Three separate Times To Be Certain We Were Hearing The Message Clearly.

"Hello This Is Heaven From Dr Nawabi's Office..." Heaven ??? Heaven Calling Us ??? The Cardiologists Office Physicians Assistant was named Heaven!!! Could There Ever Be a More Wonderful Irony and Blessing In The Midst Of All Our Prayers?

" Yes This Is Heaven Calling ----All Patti's Tests Look Good, The Analysis Indicate All Her Heart Looks Normal.... The Only Thing Left To Analyze Is Her Heart Halter Monitor.... We Haven't Found a Problem With The Heart Itself!!!! Your Follow Up Appointment Is Scheduled For Later This Month To Sit Down and Talk With Your Cardiologist"..." Based On Everything Thus Far Accomplished, We Do Not Forsee any Problems. But Of Course,We Do Have To Analyze The Heart Monitor Readings... But Everything Looks Normal."

We Both Have Wept With Joy...At God's Mercy Extended. At His Grace and Love Expressed, At His Faithful Servants and Our Friends-In-Jesus Who Prayed On Patti's Behalf,and Who Prayed For me...We are Truly Thankful For Each Prayer.

We Are Now Praying for a Normal Readout Of The Heart Monitor and Then For God The Great Physician To Help Us Search To Find The Source of Patti's Fatigue and Shortness Of Breath.

Praise God !!!! We Asked For Answers About Patti's Heart and Heaven Called In Response!!! We Had No idea one of Dr. Nawabi's Physicians Assistants was named Heaven!!!! BUT GOD Knew...and Gave Us Joy In the Midst of Wondering and Apprehension, Joy That Swept the Anxiety and Worry and Fear aside!!! Joy That Clearly Came From Glory Itself.

Thank You For Continuing In Prayer For Us. Thank You For The Encouragement and Kindness, In The Understanding and The Love and Friendship and Fellowship In Jesus Christ.

.Praise The Father!!! Praise The Son!!! Thank You Holy Spirit Of God For Such Awesome and Glorious Comfort. Bless The Lord, O My Soul, Bless His Holy Name!!!!

Source:  Chaplain Bill Herrmann  -  https://www.facebook.com/chaplainbill.herrmann?fref=nf  


1Thessalonians 5:16 -18   Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.   KJV

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