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By James Hovda

My 2 Cents of Sense: WELL... HERE THEY GO AGAIN!


The line from then presidential candidate Ronald Reagan to then sitting President Jimmy Carter, "Well... there you go again!" was probably the best single line that helped Reagan to defeat Carter to become the 40th President of the United States.


Although Jimmy Carter's term was rifled with inflation, high taxes, demanding regulations, high unemployment, and policies that did more to help the Democrat and global elitists than anyone else, Carter was still projected to win a second term. Ronald Reagan was a "cowboy", a reckless traitor to the Democrat Party who had a vision for America that was in direct conflict with the direction that Washington and the global elites had already planned.


In 1980, the "silent majority" turned out by the thousands to reject the policies of Carter, Washington, and the globalists who were beginning to put into place the directives to take America into the global order as a collective-statist nation that would lead other nations to follow into the abyss of the New World Order.


The Left, including the globalists at that time, were in total shock with the outcome of the election, but they still had a Democrat majority in the House, while the Senate barely went to the Republicans in 1980, the first time they had held the Senate majority since 1953. The SCOTUS was one to lean to the Left, so many withing the "power circles" were not that worried, as they felt they had enough strength to offset any of the Reagan doctrine that was to be proposed.


Little did they realize that Reagan was not one to compromise, as he quickly set out to right the wrongs, and put the Liberal-Left into their place. Reagan believed much of America's problems stemmed from progressive/communist governance inserted into our Republic that was not designed for systems that clashed with Constitutional ordinance. Though the Left fought Reagan tooth and nail the whole time, they eventually succumbed to Reagan's ability to manipulate the White House in becoming the powerful force it is still to this day, going beyond anything that the best constitutional lawyers could figure out on how to lasso this "cowboy" who was rapidly reversing much of the "order" they had set up under the Ford and Carter administrations.


Reagan's legacy demonstrated that less gets you more. And, after years of Reaganomics being applied at a piece at a time, America prospered like it had never done before. His legacy also showed us that there is a powerful force at play that is deliberately trying to stop national success to place the general public into a have/have-not societal class like the rest of the world, using socialism, communism, and globalism as tools to implement their transformational change.


It was George HW Bush that really introduced the New World Order to the American public, as he restructured Reaganomics to redirect the flow of money to "foreign entities", while having to raise US taxes in order to compensate the transfer of income. Coupled with his inability to crush the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq, George HW Bush lost his bid for a second term, giving us "Slick Willy" Clinton who eventually raped not only other women, but the American people of their prosperity, as the Treasury lost over $4.3 trillion at the end of his administration that never was returned nor even found, let alone who made off with the heist to begin with, as the events of 9-11-01 stopped all investigations, and changed the way America existed and governed under George H Bush.


As with Reagan, George Bush was not supposed to win the 2000 election. Yet, the globalists made damn sure that this time they would see an alternative in the White House should their Democrat puppet, Al Gore, get defeated. In a close race, the SCOTUS and Florida Secretary of State decided the results that resulted in a dramatic shift that widened the gap between the Left and the Right, conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats, further apart. To this day, the width of that division never closed, even after the day America died on 9-11.


We all can remember the protests, the media spins, the outrage by Democrats, and the breakdowns of Congress after Bush won the Oval Chair. War had been declared between Parties and ideologies, and the Democrat-Left stood fast to not be denied. Although being a globalist like his father, Bush did try to close the border with Mexico, re-institute Reaganomics, reverse trade agreements with China and Mexico, and break down the United Nations... but, Democrats and (what was to become RINO) Republicans were quick to derail any and all policies because of their discuss with Bush and the Iran War. It may all have been for show, but President Bush found few friends in Washington, and certainly none within the media, as the general public began to become annoyed with the losses created by the Commander-In-Chief, and his inability to finish the job he started in the Mideast that was quickly putting America into the poorhouse. Eventually, Bush was obligated to carry out the Powers' plans because he failed in the Mideast, and thus sold the USA out.


The Bush war-plan was to surround Iran on both sides, get Iranians to start a war with the US, and bring in a global coalition to crush the head of the Islamic snake to end the unrest and terror that has hurt the biggest resource to the global economy... oil.


It was never meant to be, as Bush's popularity tanked, Pelosi & Reid took over Congress, and the media stood by the Democrat's side, as they all used those like Cindy Shehan and Code Pink to bring disruption to the whole Mideastern conquest plan by the Bush administration.


The last two years of Bush saw America in protest, outrage, and defiance, as the Left's sheeple rallied in defense of peace, global climate repair, and governmental policies created by Pelosi and Reid that were somehow blamed on the Bush administration. George Bush spent his last year as a recluse, and let Congress dictate policies and governance, setting up America for one huge fall, into a complete and total Democratic Left-wing government.


Few had ever heard of Barack Hussein Obama, but the Democrats paraded him on stage at the 2004 Democrat Convention, as the media fornicated over his ability to speak to America in terms they have been wanting to hear from a bold, new articulate-leader in decades; in racial desegregation, peace from fighting wars, repairs to a melting planet, government working together by resolving differences, and the ability to work together as one nation of people to fix our problems where everyone received a paycheck to move from disparity into prosperity, and where race, gender, age, income, and political allegiance were never a factor. Little did anyone ever realize that this man was a groomed and programmed puppet of Islam, and the globalists' hate for America who did and said anything to be elected. The only promise kept in his 8 years was to "fundamentally transform America."


The time to insert this "Manchurian Candidate" for Islam and the NWO may not have been planned for 2008, but the Powers That Be felt that Hillary was not a viable candidate any longer, and may just lose the election, thus delaying their final push to throw America over the edge into the abyss of disparity. Although Senator John McCain was a good stand-by for them, they feared he may go rogue on them, and especially with a conservative pick for VP in Sarah Palin, a total adversary to the NWO, and a heartbeat away from the Presidency should McCain croak on them unexpectedly. Their plan now shifted to insert Obama in for Hillary, and give her the presidential scepter in 2012 to finish America's exodus into the New World Order. They knew America was ready for this new style of politician, and could sell Obama cheaply to the public with visions of "hope & change" through a media, and Congress, they now had full control over.


For eight years, the Powers that Be had exactly what they have been wanting for over three decades as they dismantled America a piece at a time to continue their move in the United States' destruction, and its re-assembly into a new global order. But a little something got in the way, and that little something was the growing Internet and social media.


Shutting the Internet down would be like trying to stop gossiping women from talking over the fence to each other... not gonna happen! The Internet and social media spread like a wildfire and could not be contained, and within eight years became the new mouthpiece for America and the world. Great Britain used it to pull out of the EU, as other countries are also seriously planning to do the same. And, although it also helped to organize the divisions within the ranks of the people, it was also used to spread news quickly, and dispel the lies and fakery of the mainstream media and government, as the truth became the global power's behemoth that couldn't be stopped.


So again, the silent majority rose up to denounce the fate of America with those who wish to destroy everything America stands for. Donald J Trump rose from the skyscrapers of business to use the Internet to vanquish his oppressors. He belittled the media so badly that few paid attention to them any longer, while Trump used tweeting, FOX News, and talk radio to his advantage to get his message out. Trump pointed out the dismal failures of Obama and the Democrats, and through using facts and the truth, proved that for many years we have been deceived and lied to, and played for fools by those who were supposed to inform us, to help us, and by those who were to lead us as they promised and elected to do.


Donald Trump, as did Ronald Reagan, removed the global powers' candidates and their threat to progress America into their single world union. Trump was not to be elected, and those who sit in power, those who are controlled by the Powers, and those who are sheep of those Powers, tried everything they could dream of to stop the one person who can become their biggest threat. Like Reagan, Trump is way beyond intelligent, and his craftiness in using what he has available to get the job done correctly and efficiently has to be taken into account as a serious play on offense against them. But no matter what they have thrown at him, Trump comes out of it bigger and more powerful than before. For, Trump knows exactly who and what he is dealing with, and has had years of working with them, playing with them, and studying them, to figure out exactly what he has to do to defeat them.


So, here we are again. The Powers That Be will use everything in their arsenal in trying to stop Donald Trump. They will use the media and dis-information. They will use fabricated stories. They will use their CIA and other intel agencies to dig up anything negative to use against him. They will use those they control in Washington, and groups of "angry" sheeple who are provoked by the lies and deceit from their henchmen like George Soros. They will enact and implement maneuvers from the communist play books of Karl Marx and Saul Alinski. And, God forbid, may go as far as using the "JFK final solution" to stop Trumpism from bringing the house down around them.


Reagan was warned by a threat in John Hinkley. The others at play, some of them candidates, were either part of the global conspiracy (Jeb Bush), or were held at bay by Congress, the media, and forces they could not contain (poor Herman Cain). This time, the Powers have met their match in Donald Trump. He owes no one but the people who elected him. He doesn't need money nor other "gratuities". He doesn't listen to anyone nor any group. He doesn't care about political correctness, nor takes sides from emotions. He plays fair, plays wisely, and plays to keep. And Trump will not be pushed into anything or by anyone into something he doesn't want to do. Because, to Trump, America and Americans comes first. To make America the best it can be, to make America great again, is his goal and ambition... he feels it is his duty as a successful American to save America. Trump calls it, "Only paying back what this country has given to me and my family."


Trump may or may not wish to have his likeness carved next to the great Presidents on Mt Rushmore, but if Trump can do as he says, stay clear of the globalists' attacks, and convince the American "snowflakes" he isn't the monster they all make him out to be, then Trump might become worthy of a granite sculpture next to Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, and Roosevelt.


Thank you for your support!


Written By: Jim Hovda


1Thessalonians 5:16 -18   Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.   KJV

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