5 Essential Things Your Kids Need To Bring In School


As parents, we always want to ensure that they are fully equipped when they conquer the big bad world, this include going to the best nursery schools in Dubai. Which is why you need to ensure that they have everything they need when they go to school, aside from their school essentials.

If this is your kid’s first time to go to school, be sure that they bring these crucial items with them:

  • A whistle

Some people think that bringing a whistle is for girls so they can get the attention of the crowd, especially when they are being attacked. But kids also need this. Why? For one, in case that they got lost. They need to call the attention of the people to ask for help and bring them to a nearest police station so the police personnel can help locate the kid’s guardians.

  • An extra towel

Your kids are like a fuzz ball when they are outside their homes. They are known to be quite active and very hyper. At times, they feel a little sweaty and dirty. It would be best to pack an extra towel inside their backpacks so they can wipe themselves after a long hours of playing. They can also use this to wipe their mouths and keep their uniforms clean during lunch time

  • An extra shirt

Another thing that you need to include on their bags are extra shirts. Accidents like getting soiled or spilling their drinks and food can ruin their uniforms. Instead of using the same dirty trousers while they are in class, it would be best to have them bring an extra shirt that they can use to replace the dirty ones. Always keeping an extra shirt on their bags will help them to keep clean for the rest of the day.

  • A candy mint

All day of learning and playing can keep your kid hungry and famished. To temporarily resolve this issues, it would be best give them a box of mints that they can eat on their way home. Be sure to give them mints that have appropriate level of sugar to keep their teeth healthy and also not to get them hyper again.

  • Your special hug

Do not let your kid go without receiving a special hug from you. This is one way to start their day and it would give them the confidence they need to tackle school challenges.

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