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Rapture Watch Web Site Membership

RaptureWatch.net is a place where people come in and out of. A place where people are fed and comforted and nourished. A place of refuge. To date our web site has reached 217 nations and nearly 5.3 million site visitors. Rapture Watch does impact people all around planet earth. My cry to Almighty God is: Lord, your word says ask and you will give me nations.

"Ask of Me, and I will surely give the nations as Your inheritance, And the very ends of the earth as Your possession". Psalm 2:8 

So we stand on the world of Almighty God and ask that the nations of the world would view our website and receive the word of truth and life as we share the end times message of what the holy bible says about this day we live in and the need for salvation through Jesus the Christ ... and no other way.

We do not offer site membership as a means to increase numbers. We are looking for Christian men and women who would like to play an active role in this end times ministry. Prayer, posting on forum or commenting on members' forum posts are a few ways you can play an active part as a Rapture Watch site member. The potential impact world wide is huge ... not to mention the eternal. We are looking for brothers and sisters in Christ who have an urgency in their spirit for the day in which we live and a desire be part of a ministry sharing truth, light and hope.  We are fast approaching the end of the church age and the soon start of Daniel's 70th week ... and that is a major focus for this web site outreach. Your prayerful consideration in becoming a site member is the first move in this endeavor.

Members Site Access

  • Members can post articles and comment on the members contributions forum

  • Members have access to post videos onto the video section of this web site

  • Members have their own profile page on this website

  • Members have access to a private message service to all other site members

  • Members have coded access to the "Members Only" tab of this web site

  • Members have an opportunity to fellowship with others who have an interest in end times prophecy. 

Site Conditions For Membership

  • Firstly, all members must be in agreement with the site's statement of faith found on the "about us" page.  

  • All members are required  to complete their personal page within 3 days of membership being granted. and before posting on site.

  • All memberships granted will be "Limited Member" until their profile page is complete. When limited members complete their profile page (takes about 5 mins) they are to contact Paula and she will change your membership settings to "Member" if the profile is completed and then she will provide an access code for the "Members" only page.

  • Members are to play an active part on site, e.g. post on forum or comment on forum or post a video or pray for the site ministry ... etc

  • Members are not to solicit moneys / donations from other members in private or on forum. Members are to advise Paula if approached.