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Prayer requests, pray for Israel, Pray for the nations, pray for world situations, Pray for members, Pray for our Father's will to be done on earth, Pray for others and each other, Pray for the lost. And the list goes on and on. Always a need to pray for
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Be Quiet First
0108 2 months ago
True Prayer
-297 4 months ago
request for prayer
2188 9 months ago
Please Pray for the searchers still searching
079 9 months ago
Pray for the world
2253 10 months ago
Prayer For All Who Post Or Comment On Rapture Watch
398 11 months ago
Quotes On Prayer
0116 11 months ago
Prayer For The Unsaved
071 11 months ago
Trust God To Supply All Your Need
0107 11 months ago
Let My Works Glorify You O Lord
053 11 months ago
Prayer Is A Necessity
076 11 months ago
Paul McGuire's Prayer
0112 11 months ago
The Lord's Prayer
091 11 months ago
Putting Prayer First
063 11 months ago
The Best of Rapture Watch
3218 over a year ago
Unprecedented Barrage Of Attacks Against Believers
5306 over a year ago
Prayer support needed today and tomorrow
4237 over a year ago
Prayer needed
3217 over a year ago
Please pray
2500 over a year ago
Urgent request-Victor Marx-ATP Minitries
1290 over a year ago
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