How to make money with your luxury car in Dubai

Travel and Tourism

If you are living in Dubai and you won a luxury car, there are many ways that you can take advantage of this and get a nice salary out of your car. Here we will provide you with tips on how you can turn your luxury car into a steady income.

Travelers require luxury rides

The first thing to keep in mind is that many people who travel to Dubai are not local residents, and they do not want to stay there for a long time as they are mostly busy executives or CEO’s who have come to the city in order to attend a meeting with their staff or another person of equal rank.  So they will not be bringing their own cars of their drivers with them. This has created a need for luxury car rentals.

Solo rental vs Rental Company

Now as there is a need for car rentals in the luxury market, you can simply put your car online and people will rent it out. But then you will have to drive it yourself and this will most probably waste your time. The best way to actually put your car out for rent and not have to do anything is to contact the many Dubai rent a car company. These will be able to give you deals on renting your car. They will pick your car up and then their drivers will drive the VIPs in the car around the city. You can then decide upon a mutually agreeable fare for the monthly or weekly renting of your car.

Get a contract

When you have agreed to the contract, you can rest easy for you are now assured of an income from your car. One thing you should take care of while negotiating the terms is to make sure that it is decided beforehand as to which party is going to take care of the wear and tear as well as their servicing of the car. This should be done in writing as well so that there are no misunderstandings after some time has passed. The agreement about theft, damage and accident insurance should also be included in the original renting deed.

Give it a go

If you are still mulling this over why not find out more and head over to a reputable car rental agency. Most of them are run by hardworking people who have prospered as the city has grown, so they will appreciate the savvy businesses mindedness of a person who wants to use his luxury car to earn a nice amount of cash every month or so.