3 Unknown Hangouts In Dubai Travelers Need To Know

Travel and Tourism

Dubai is a fast-rising tourist’s destination in the Middle East. Ever since the government opened its doors for tourism, it has been one of the drivers of the economy. With that, tourist spots in Dubai have been marked and visited and tour packages like the Dubai morning desert safari tours are continuously being booked by excited tourists.

But aside from the usual tourists spots, there are unknown hangouts and sites for some tourists who like to explore the unknown. If you are looking for the least visited places in Dubai, here are the list of sites that might interest you:

  • The Coffee Museum

This place is a heaven for baristas, coffee lovers and enthusiasts. The Coffee Museum is located at Al Fahidi Historical District in Bur Dubai. The place is considered as a heritage site. The museum houses a number of artifacts that are related to coffee. It also shared some insights and history about how coffee was discovered and the mythology behind it. But aside from sharing the fascinating history of Arabian coffee, it also offers an outstanding and aromatic menu of coffee that will surely make any coffee lover stay for a while. Visiting this one-of-a-kind museum would make your trip a memorable one.


  • Al Mamzar Beach Park

If you will bring your family with you, do not forget to visit the Al Mamzar Beach Park. The lush environment of this beach park is ideal for family bonding. You and your loved ones can unwind by the park and do some outdoor activities such as cycling, barbequing, and snorkelling. There is also a children’s game area for your kids and toddlers. But the best part of visiting this beach park is the tranquil beach that will relax your mind and calm your body.


  • XVA Art Hotel

Art-lovers can also enjoy a one-of-a-kind Dubai trip by visiting the XVA Art Hotel is also located at at Al Fahidi District in Dubai. This boutique hotel offers an array of amazing suites for visitors. But aside from its outstanding hospitality service, there are tourists who make it a point to visit this establishment for its art collection. The hotel management set up an art gallery in the hotel to accommodate such artworks. The gallery houses contemporary Middle East artworks from Iran and the sub-continent. There are some artists who are able to showcase their work on this place. The aim of the gallery is to showcase Middle Eastern artists and promote different cultural identities.

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