Range of exhibition stands available in Dubai


Exhibitions are considered important to promote a specific brand name and entity’s footprint. Several business entities look into the development of strong business specific relationship by participating in business exhibitions. The business organizations looking to expand their business at regional or global canvas find Dubai as an ideal destination to serve as the business hub. Many Dubai based companies offer classified services for participation in the business exhibitions and expo(s). These third party companies offer their global and regional clients with a range of exhibition specific products. The exhibition stands in Dubai range from different product line such as:


  • Exhibition Stand Design – including complete consultation and provision of stand specific design guidelines. The design of exhibition stand is the fundamental element to consider for any business developer and a unique design may help in attracting the maximum number of prospects and potential clients.


  • Custom Stands – including stands and fill outs used for general purpose business operations. The stands can be decorated as per requirements and product line of the business organization participating in the exhibition.


  • Exhibition Booths – include simple and compact booths for the business organization’s representatives to stand in the exhibition venue. These compact booths are best and economical choices for the SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) to promote their brands in the exhibition.



  • Exhibition Stalls – include a collection of specially built stalls to place brochures and promotional literature of a business entity participating in an exhibition.
  • 3D Stands including various types of stands made using 3D technology to depict modern and state of art business footprint to the prospects and potential clients.


Any business entity with new or old business domain can look into the development of a comprehensive business strategy to strengthen its business operations. The business strategy would include necessarily acquiring the new marketplaces to enhance existing business relationship with a particular business entity. The new marketplaces can be explored by participation in the business exhibitions conducted at places and venues popular among the global business community. One of such destination for Gulf Countries Corporation based business entities and groups in Dubai. Dubai offers flexibility in terms of traveling and business-friendly environment to all potential businessmen and organizations. Dubai is best business promotion destination for European and North American multinationals and franchisors to capture the Asian and Gulf marketplace. These companies can select Dubai as an exhibition spot to participate in it for introducing and representing their business models for the potential clients.


For further information on Dubai government’s policies related to international business individuals and corporations, click here.