Health benefits of organic food


Organic food is the type of food which is obtained from natural sources and is free from chemicals. Organic food is free from the use of pesticides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers and chemical preservatives. As you know that world population is increasing day by day and so food requirement is also increasing. But to meet the today’s food requirement the alternate way of more production of food is synthetic source. But the food obtained from synthetic source is of less nutritious. 

If you are living in Dubai then you can find organic food in Dubai. If you know about the health benefits of organic food then you should read this article. 

Antioxidant content:

The organic food contains more content of antioxidant effect. Organic food is free from the chemicals that react with vitamins. Studies show that increased utilization of organic food increases the level of antioxidants in our body and reduce the exposure of heavy metals in our body which causes harm to our body. 

Improve heart health:

When vegetables and crops are grown in organic condition then amount of organic CLA is increased in this food. So CLA is healthy for heart. It is mostly found in meat and milk products so use of organic products also increase the heart health.

Antibiotics resistance:

The food obtained from synthetic source contains different growth hormones, antibiotics. So when we use this type of food then we indirectly eat these hormones and antibiotics. So these may also cause antibiotic resistance. So the use of organic food protects us from this type of problem. So organic food is heathy. 

 Better taste:

The organic food is of better taste than food obtained by synthetic sources. As natural conditions are provided to plants so the organic food is also better in taste. 

Improves immune system:

As we know that organic food is grown in natural environmental conditions and artificial techniques and genetic modifications are not applied in this. So this type of food improves our immune system too. But the food obtained from synthetic source does not support our immune system. 

Availability of fresh food:

Organic food is fresh food and shopkeepers purchase it daily from wholesale market. Fresh food is more beneficial for health than synthetic or frozen food. This is because bacteria can grow easily in frozen food.