Cake shops – Things to know

Cake shops – Things to know


Cake shops are getting more and more in trend since the consumption of cakes has been extended to a much greater extent. A lot of people now especially study the art of cake making. This field has shown a lot of profit which is a reason why so many people are stepping forth in this business and establishing their own cake shops. There are also a big number of cake shops in Dubai of the occasions where the cakes are consumed the most are the weddings. Perhaps the biggest and most important and memorable day in a person’s life is his or her wedding day.

In all these preparations, the wedding cake is something that shares equally as the attention as the other things. Everybody wants to have just the perfect wedding cake that resonates with their life and their story in one way or the other. Special orders are given to special bakeries that excel at making wedding cakes. In this article we will share some ideas and the best wedding cakes Dubai.

Best wedding cake ideas

A wedding cake can be designed and created in a number of different ways.

Raspberry wedding cake

A wonderful multi-layer raspberry cake can be perfect for any simple wedding. With a vanilla sponge as the base, this cake has layers of fresh cream with a subtle tanginess of fresh raspberries.

Square tiered wedding cake

You can never go wrong with a square tiered multilayer cake. It never disappoints in the certain class it brings with it. You can have it in any flavor you like having any sorts of decoration on it just as you desire. Most of these cakes are decorated with a touch of floral essence.

Circle tiered wedding cake

Nothing can beat the old classic that is a circle tiered wedding cake. This type of cake comes in all the different sizes that you can imagine. From 2 layers to 8 layers, it satisfies all you need. You can customize this cake according to your need. If you want a simple and elegant cake, you can choose to go with the two tiered circle wedding cake. If you want to make it lavish and put an extra touch to the cake, then you can go with the eight layered circle tiered wedding cake.