4 Quick Kitchen Cleaning Hacks For Homeowners


Being one of the busiest space in your home, it is expected that your kitchen space would also be the messiest and dirtiest. With all the cooking and meal preparation, the place would be full of food debris, sauce stains, and other kitchen-related garbage. It is also the place where disease and infestation would likely start.


To ensure that your kitchen is spotless and insect-free, here are some quick hacks that would help you tidy up this space:


  1. Clean up every after cooking


For some homeowners, leaving the kitchen dirty after cooking is okay. They can just come back after dinner to clean it up. Although this is okay, it would be much better if you can clean up your kitchen right after cooking. This is to prevent insects and pests like cockroaches from crawling your kitchen utensils, spreading germs and diseases. Cleaning up immediately is your first step towards cockroach pest control. It would be best to cook earlier so you can allot time for cleaning up your kitchen.


  1. Invest on tight food storage and containers


Having a solid storage plan will not only prevent food spoilage, but it can also help with preventing pests like rodents from eating up your produce and ingredients. Pest control companies specializing in rodent control in Abu Dhabi also advise their clients to ensure that everything in the kitchen should be stored properly to avoid attracting the pests inside the house. Aside from keeping your fridge shut, you need to have food containers that have close-tight lids. As for the kitchen utensils, you need to ensure that there are no holes and openings where the rodents and other pests can get through.


  1. Clean your coffee grinders with white rice


Unwashed coffee grinders will not only make your coffee taste awful, but it can cause lead to mold and mildew formation. Be sure to keep it clean every after use. Cleaning experts recommend to use a handful of uncooked rice to clean your coffee grinders before washing. This can help remove coffee bits and debris. Also, do not use your grinder on grinding ingredients like spices. The smell of these ingredients would stick to the material, leaving it smelling funny.


  1. Clean your sink with baking soda


Your kitchen sink can look awful after years of constant use. If you are using metal sinks, sprinkle it will baking soda and scrub it using an old unused toothbrush or sponge. Rinse thoroughly. You can instantly see the sink gleaming in cleanliness.