5 Hacks On Resolving Conflict Within An Organization


Conflict and crisis are part of the territory when you are running a business. There will be times when employees will be at odds with each other, or the management is pitted against employees. Although these circumstances are normal, not resolving these issues can lead to much bigger problems like delays in services.

If you are having a hard time resolving a conflict within the team, training institutes in UAE list down a couple of pointers that would help you patch things up:

  1. Acknowledge the situation

One of the reasons why conflicts become bigger problem is because the management ignore or refuse to acknowledge that it is happening. You need to remember that even a conflict as little as a clash of personalities between two workers can spark a whole lot of problems within the team. This can result in division and delays in work due to arguments. Do not let small arguments become big fight. At the onset, resolve the issue. As they say, put out the fire while it is still small.

  1. Listen to both sides

It is important for the mediator to be impartial when he/she is resolving a conflict. Get the story from different points of view so you can get the whole picture. Do not start a resolution without hearing both sides of the story. There might be some things that you will miss if you proceed in resolving the conflict without consulting one party or consulting one party over the other.

  1. Reach a compromise

Conflict is sometimes caused by not meeting in the middle. Once you heard the full story from both sides, find a common ground where both parties would agree. This common ground should be fair and agreeable to both sides.

  1. Provide guidance

Apart from reaching a compromise, you need to talk to both parties to ensure that this would not happen again. You need to be clear with the people involve that you will not tolerate such actions, especially if it will affect the whole team. Give them proper advice to resolve the issues and teach them how they can better deal with co-workers who are at odds with them.

  1. Rebuild the relationship

When a conflict happens in a team, expect that the following days would be different or awkward. You need to mend the relationship as early as possible. Investing in corporate team building activities will help to mellow down the high emotions and also provide a venue to repair broken work relationships.