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OPERATION "Midnight Hour" - equipping post rapture saints

As church age saints living in the generation that witnessed the establishment of the Jewish state of Israel back in 1948, we should understand the prophetic urgency of the day we live in. We are fast approaching the end of the church age and the beginning of Daniel's seventieth week (7 years tribulation period). While there are differing views on Rapture timing, only a pre trib position can make provision in equiping post rapture saints. All of us will have family members, friends or acquaintances that are not going to be raptured. They will enter into the most horrific, demonic and deceptive time period in the history of mankind. Death, destruction and deception will be common place. It will be chaotic.

After the rapture happens, family, friends or neighbours will be looking to you. Some one will go to your home and search for you. People will be confussed, in shock and scared out of their minds. They will be desperate to know what has happened and where all the missing people have gone. Many are going to believe a lie: 2 Thess 2:11. We need to prepare our homes in such a way, that whoever enters our homes will be aware that we where expecting our departure and where so ready for this event that we left nothing to chance. Even equipping our homes for those "left behind". The goal here is to not leave any doubts whatsoever as to why we disappeared and where we are during the tribulation. This exercise may take up to four hours but when we are gone others who enter our houses will be equipped with information that when used, will be an invaluable resource post rapture.


My thoughts and suggestions are the following:

We need to strongly consider that the Christian websites may be wiped out and possibly the internet shut down for a prolonged period of time by the government. Most of all, we need to realize that the resource we have come to depend on the most, the internet, may not be there as a Christian tool and resource once the rapture happens. The truth will be suppressed exponentially. In the scenario of Christain websites being target for closure and not the internet as a whole, some internet pages may be worth linking. If rapturewatch.net goes down you may find it's mirror site on face book still available at:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rapture-Watch-Family/132585460132771  This page is very new and is being loaded with tribulation resources at present. Another is  http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000138912370#!/profile.php?id=100000138912370  There are many pages around the internet that you can list incase this senario proves correct. At this point in time the availability of the internet is speculation.

But all of us can work tactically, at our home level, to make certain that when our houses are entered or broken into post rapture, that we have so much info out in the open that there will be no doubt as to where we are.


1. Remove all science fiction from our houses

....get it all out. All dvd's, books, anything related to SCI FI and /or Aliens. Most of us would agree that this will be at least part of the great deception. Christian books, dvd's and documentaries like Chuck Missler or LA Marzulli are fine as they are scripture based and will bring clarity to an awful situation.


2. Computer  desktop work

(a) This exercise is for all computers in the house including laptops and ipads....Go to RAPTUREREADY.COM, and download all Rapture wallpapers...Add to this any other pictures relating to the rapture and place them in your primary pictures file....The reason for this is to depict the rapture not just on all of your household computer desktop displays, but on the screensavers as well....Our computers will likely be used and / or, possibly stolen from our houses so we have to use them as witnessing tools...Move your regular pictures to another file...Next put your favorite rapture picture on your desktop. Next move all shortcut icons on your desktop into a single file so the picture stands out with little or nothing blocking it. Lastly, add 2 File Folders to your desktop...The first is RAPTURE WEBSITES...The 2nd is IMPORTANT RAPTURE INFO, or just RAPTURE INFO.

(b) Copy and Paste all your rapture websites to the WEBSITE folder....As many as you can find that are pre-trib based, which many are. This serves as a testimonial as to where we have been spending our time, and hopefully some info will be stored in each of our computers on these websites....The most important thing is to prove they existed.

(c) In the IMPORTANT RAPTURE INFORMATION, we must have a word document that explains what has just happened, and site scripture. Whoever is reading this letter will be frightened, so our job is to be a calming voice of clarity. There are many "Left Behind" letters available on the net that may help with this, includind this website which I wrote about 18 months ago. Pray for the Holy Spirit to help you choose your words.We need, I think, to mention what Christ mentioned in the Olivet discourse several times to his disciples... "see that no one deceives you",  These people are going to be bombarded with lies.We need to help them by equipping them with truth.

(d) Another word document should be titled "How to Gain Salvation and Live during these 7 Years". In this document we should talk about accepting Christ as their personal savior, the possibility of literally having gatherings in the house which was once ours. It was a prayerful home, and all the resources are there, so get friends togther in our houses so that they can be used as safe havens. Let the Lord guide you on this but I am including Ephesians and putting on the armour. I am including Paul's quotes "To live is Christ, to die is gain", and "To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord". I don't think we should be communicating any messages of abundant living durring the tribulation other than the knowledge of eternal salvation.......which is awesome, but will not precede their physical deaths.

(e) Then another document should be titled "Spiritual Warfare". We need to introduce these people to the simple fact that the restrainer (the holy spirit of Almighty God) has being taken out of the world and that this will open the door to intense spiritual warfare, and this period is called the tribulation for a reason. It will test them, and they will only be getting out of boot camp spiritually as they will be baby Christians once their eyes are opened.

(f) Lastly a document titled "Prophecies Coming Soon". We should point them to Ezekial, Daniel, Revelation, the tribulation wars and other books, Tell them the timeline that we knew about and what they can expect to happen. Don't forget to highlight the importance of not receiving the mark of the beast. Let them know that every day is one day closer to them uniting with Jesus.

If your computer is password protected, then you may need to consider options.


3. USB memory sticks and more suggestions

I believe Christain material will eventually be targeted for destruction. The time will come when bibles, Christain books, dvd's and any christain resource will become illegal  to suppress the truth (Amos 8:11). Why not transfer all of your end times / left behind  data  including multi media files onto a USB memory stick. They are small, portable, robust and easy to hide. Able to be used from one computer to another.

Something else to consider is that power may be out post rapture and there are a few potential causes for this. As this is a possibility, it would be an idea to have a folder with a hard copy of your important tribulation information and downloaded material from rapture websites. Place a copy of your "left behind letter" in the folder also. Mark the cover and keep it in a prominent position in your house. You could personalise stamp addressed "left behind" letters to family members and friends to put with your hard copy folder. Leave a note with them asking whoever finds the letters to mail them for you.

Another thing you could do is to get as many KJV Bibles you can and put them out so they can be passed out by whomever finds them. In  the US, they have a store called the Dollar Tree and everything in the store is a dollar. They have mini sized KJV Bibles there.

4. Your House

Our houses are full of resources and witnessing tools once we have prepped them. Get those resources out in the open into every room and not boxed away somewhere. Don't let one room not have rapture or prophecy books on the table. Near the TV's we need to have all the prophecy DVDs.Get the other stuff away from the TV so that in short order they will know we where watching prophecy and not watching the junk on TV that everyone else tunes into. Preparing our homes could be a fun project as we focus on informing and providing a place of refuge  for anyone that may enter our homes post rapture. Encourage them to use it as a safe house during the tribulation. As a meeting place for those to learn the truth about what has happend and why. A place to pray with others that find the truth.

Try to have excess canned food, rice and non perishable food items in the pantry and some drinking water. Stock up on pet food and leave a note asking them to feed and comfort your pets. A medical kit, over the counter pain killers and a medical hand book / manual might be handy also. A battery operated radio with spare batteries and a torch are all easy items to have in the home. Use automatic shut-off timers on stoves if they are fitted to avoid you house burning down if the rapture happens while you are cooking. Don't use candles in the home for the same reason. It does not matter about the physical items in our homes but by putting safeguards in place we maximise the opportunity of our homes and contents being used as resource and refuge in the tribulation period.

There is so much that could be added to this page but this will be a start and your own ideas with the above will provide an opportunity for those that enter you home during Daniel's 70th week. The links on this page are suggestions only and you have much choice on the internet at the time I posted this. I will continue to add links to the bottom of this post as time permits. I feel to post it at this point in time so that in gives you opportunity to start your preparations now and to also forward this to as many as you can. Any resource on this website or the rapture watch family page on face book is free to be use to bless others.

 In Conclusion

Living in this end times generation puts us in a unique position.  Many of us are looking towards the imminent return of Christ for his church at the rapture. As we prepare ourselves to step into eternity we can also prepare our homes as a resource for those that will enter the tribulation period. We can sow seeds of truth, hope and shelter in a time like no other in the history of mankind. For most, all it will cost is a few hours of our time. But it may have eternal results. Even if you don't have your own home, after you read this, I would ask that you prayerfully consider the impact worldwide of getting behind "Operation Midnight Hour". If just one thousand Christains where to forward this to their brothers and sisters in Christ and/or their their social network pages. Their Christain mailing lists. On their notice boards at church. Pass it out at home groups. It might just make an eternal difference for someone you love or maybe a stranger, as you sow into the tribulation period. Imagine the impact if we all prepared.........

This page is the result of some loving christians spending

a little time to consider those that will enter the tribulation.

I pray that their efforts are a blessing to you and those that

are blessed by your participation. Blessings. 




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