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Rapture Watch web site has over twenty thousand videos posted in our video section of this site. We feel that some are worthy of a special mention and for that reason we have posted these videos below. We hope that they are informative, encouraging and enrich your understanding in this end times generation. We further hope that they are a blessing to you and others in your life. 


After the Rapture - Left Behind!!! (IE)

Where Did God Come From

A Watchman Report – Our Time is Short

This man talks about his mother and look The Greek Kangaroo Facebook

How rare is the Revelation 12 Heavenly Sign [23 September 2017] Once in 7000 Years


God's Partition Plan

Published on 3 Jan 2015

The Countdown from Dividing the Land.   Daniel Matson - http://watchfortheday.org

Who are the 144,000?

Published on 10 Mar 2015

This Bible Study video, by Robert Breaker, shows from the King James Bible just who the biblical 144,000 might be, and who they most certainly are not! Worth a view!


Published on 15 Nov 2013

I'm not saying this man is the Antichrist, judge for yourself.., but if anyone thinks Obama is you'll see how Obama doesn't even hold a candle next to this man or who ever the AC is..

Human Gestation and the Feasts of the Lord. Coincidence or Intelligent Design?

Uploaded on 2 Oct 2011

How could these line up any more beautifully?! How can this be an accident? God set the timing of these and told it to Moses over 3,500 years ago. Can you not see how beautiful and complicated God is?! Aw, c'mon! you're just being hard-hearted if this video does nothing for you.

Uploaded on 28 Oct 2011

Zola discovered, quite by accident, an amazing series of biblical "coincidences." It seems that every one of us, as we develop in the womb, follows the schedule of the seven feasts of Israel that God gave to Moses on Mount Sinai. This half-hour program illustrates the surprising similarities of these two chains of events, each established by God according to His purpose.


Watch and Pray

Uploaded on 11 Oct 2006

watch and pray


Decoding The Book of Revelation [Movie] 

Published on 21 Sep 2015

This movie "Revelation: The Bride The Beast and Babylon" is brought to you by AmazingFacts.org. In this movie you will get an insight to revelation and the coming papal agenda.