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Israeli Frenemies - June 23, 2017

ILTV - Weekly Review - June 23, 2017

Your News From Israel - June 22, 2017

Published on Jun 22, 2017

American envoys Jason Greenblatt and Jared Kushner are telling the Palestinian President to lower some of his expectations, the new heir to the Saudi throne could mean great things for Israel, and we’ll reveal why hundreds have come out to Tel Aviv to demonstrate in what may be the most flexible way ever.

Israeli Researchers Are Working to Conquer Antibiotic Resistance

Published on Jun 22, 2017

Researchers are screening for bacterial tolerance to over over-treatment.

Danny Ayalon, Senior Israeli Diplomat

Published on Jun 21, 2017

Danny Ayalon, Senior Israeli Diplomat speaking at ILTV studio to discuss the arrival of President Trump’s envoy Jason Greenblatt and the latest attempts to restart Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.