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Dear US Supreme Court & Obama: FACTS about Homosexuality. God's Love Wins! Add Video

Published on 5 Jul 2015 God's Love for homosexuals is clear in His Word. Christians can communicate better the Bible's position on homosexuality and the reasoning behind it. Get the facts - Bible facts & scientific facts - about our sexual choices! http://discover.org.au/bookshop/index... "Love Wins" is the current politically correct propaganda, but there are at least 2 problems with this slogan: 1) loves hasn't won until pedophiles can "love" children, polygamists can "love" many women, and perverts can "love" beasts - is the Supreme Court or President Obama willing to accept the implication of their logically untenable stance? 2) Love doesn't win by letting loved ones do destructive things to themselves. Scientific data shows anal sex is unhygienic, reduces lifespan more than cigarette smoking, and vastly increases the risk of STDs. God's commands to be pure show He cares about homosexuals. He is not against any sinner, He is for us! God LOVES us when He calls us to repentance and faith in His Son Jesus Christ.

Posted by RaptureWatch on July 5, 2015 at 4:00 PM 1219 Views

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