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By Chaplain Bill Herrmann

"...Or those eighteen, upon whom the Tower in Siloam fell,and killed them ,think ye that they were sinners above all men that dwelt in Jerusalem? I tell Ye Nay,But except ye Repent,ye shall all likewise perish..." Luke 13 4-5

I am not certain how many of my 2,352 Friends-in-Jesus will even read and respond to this heartbreaking post....even if it is impassioned and poignant as it may be....I am really compelled to speak straight from my heart....and speak uncompromisingly to All a Word to reach into hearts and give pause for thought.. Eloquence fails me....but the Call to Redeem the Time because the Days are Evil...cannot be ignored. So-Here Goes----

Today We All awaken up to word of yet another disaster & catastrophe from across the Pond.

2,000 years ago during Jesus Ministry, disasters and tragedies befell Families and Individuals across the land of Israel.

Here in Luke 13:1-5 there were those who came to Our Lord Jesus and suggested in the strongest observations that such calamity and catastrophe only befell the victims,of such personal disasters because somehow they were excessive sinners and must have deserved it, that somehow God singled them out because of hidden sin and iniquity in their lives.

In Luke 13:1-5 Our Lord Jesus rejects those assessments outright. In fact, Our Lord Jesus addressed two specific disasters that befell the Jews in Galilee and in Jerusalem .

First---Jesus mentioned the instance of the Banners & Standards of Rome that bore the Roman Eagle and the Scorpion Insignia of a particularly vicious Roman Legion when Patriotic Jewish Zealots in Galilee tore down the Banners & Standards in Galilee that were erected in Honor of Caesar.

The result was Pontius Pilate upon learning what happened, immediately dispatched Assault Troops to Arrest and Execute the Galileans responsible. The Attacks in Galilee took place in the dead of Night when all responsible were asleep with their Families, Families were displaced, their Homes ransacked and destroyed.. The Romans Arrested,Tortured,and Crucified the Zealots on the road from Galilee to Jerusalem as an example to all Jewish Zealots....Word spread throughout all Israel and it was discussed throughout all Jerusalem for weeks afterward.

Jesus warns that It wasn't because of the sin of rebellion and violence against Authority,that the Sanhedrin had spread that was the reason for the catastrophe. Jesus makes clear that the Call to Repentance doesn't just apply to those in Galilee who had died--it applies to All---All of Israel was being Called to Repentance. Disaster and catastrophe can befall Anyone-Anywhere-At Any Time. Jesus is saying Be Prepared---Obey the Call to Repentance. Be Ready to Face God. Death can happen Suddenly.

Second ---Our Lord Jesus talks of the Disaster that befell 18 Jewish Construction Workers and Jewish Carpenters that were building a massive Tower in Jerusalem . It was supposed to be set apart from all landmarks in Jerusalem. A construction error resulted in the Tower in Siloam falling upon the 18 Workers. None survived the catastrophe. People talked of the Calamity in Perplexing Wonder,and Word soon spread that some in the Sanhedrin had spread the opinion that hidden Sin and Iniquity in the lives of the 18 who died was the reason they had died. That the Tragedy befell them because of that reason. Our Lord Jesus again repeats His Warning....Disaster can Befall Anyone---Anytime-Anywhere!!! Obey the Call to Repentance or risk being killed Unrepentant....

September 11th,2001 in the Terrorist Attacks on America the Twin Towers Fell and Multiple Thousands Were Thrust into a Lost Eternity. We all Remember the Videos and the Images are seared into our Memory. How many were Ready to Face Eternity? How many were Repentant? Only God Knows. I've heard many separate Testimonies of Christians leading Folks to Safety,and Going Back To Rescue Others Up to the Moments the Twin Towers Fell. I even heard a Report of a Christian leading World Trade Center employees to Christ in a Stairwell...as They walked down the Stairwell together. NY City Firefighters passed them on their way up to try to Rescue Trapped employees.

Last night June 13th,2017 in West London, England-United Kingdom the Grenfell Tower Block caught Fire in the dead of Night while virtually all the Inhabitants of the Apartment Residences slept in their Flats. Hundreds of Men,Women,and Children this morning are Unaccounted for.... Searches are underway for entire Families and missing Children separated in the chaos. The Fire literally engulfed much of the Grenfell Tower in such swift fury,that the Fire and Smoke Trapped many of Residents in their Flats. and in less than half an hour Reports say Fire and Smoke was swiftly, spreading even to the Stairwells and Fire Escape Routes. It must have been absolutely Terrifying. It was absolutely heartbreaking to behold.

I Watched the BBC Live Reports and found myself Weeping for those Trapped within the Fiery Inferno....Praying for a Miracle...in the face of utter certain death....The Fire reminded me of that moment on September 11th,2012 as I watched the Embassy in Benghazi Burning....

and all I could think of was Our Lord Jesus and His Words in Luke 13:1-5....

Of course,as a Born Again Believer ,and as a Pastor my heart goes out to the Families impacted. I am Urging Fervent and Faithful Prayer for All those impacted in and affected by this Horrifying Grenfell Tower Block Fire and Tragedy. So many Men,Women,and Children ,entire Families, Hundreds and Hundreds and Hundreds Lived In Grenfell Tower Block. Here I am typing this 9 hours after the Fire was first Reported,and the Fire is still aflame and the Smoke continues to billow upwards. London and Manchester have already reeled in the face of Islamic Jihadist Terrorism, and now this terrible Tragedy.

Pray Beloved Friends-In-Jesus...Pray.

The Scripture clearly warns:"God speaks Once,Yea Twice, and man Perceives It Not..." Job 33:14

A Shallow Christian Faith will not suffice in the face of Tragedy. The Ship of Faith marooned upon the sandbar and shifting sand of Biblical Compromise will not Suffice.God is weary of a Shallow Christianity,God is not looking for a form of Godliness that denies the Power of Godliness . God is Looking for Faithfulness.

As for me, I am Resolved to Pray for the Lost and Backslidden...and to Preach the Gospel this Coming Sunday on BEREAN BIBLE CHAPEL BLOG TALK RADIO BROADCAST and Issue the Call to Repentance.....Proclaiming Jesus Christ Crucified,Risen,and Coming Again...Time Is Running Swiftly Out ...We Must Be Out and About ....Living and Sharing The Gospel.

We have no time to squander or waste ....People are literally Dying before our Eyes. ....Our Lord Jesus Christ Warning Echoes across 20 Centuries.....

"Except Ye Repent, Ye Shall All Likewise Perish......"


1Thessalonians 5:16 -18   Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.   KJV

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