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It seems so long ago now. I was a young Christian hungry for the word and eschatology. I had a zeal for all Bible prophecy but end times prophecy was my favorite. At the time I was living in a discipleship house on the south side of Brisbane and working with street kids and youth at risk. I thought I had a pretty good picture of prophecy back then  ... but one Saturday afternoon Almighty God showed me something that I will never forget this side of eternity. Something that I have been encouraged to share.

I was thinking about all the death, destruction, pain and sorrow in the Tribulation period, sometimes called Daniel's 70th week, while I was having a shower one Saturday afternoon. I started to get angry with God and asked a question in a sarcastic manner. "So how does it make you feel ... does it make you feel good ... all that death. Millions of people being killed?"

Without a word of reply, I instantly dropped to my knees in the shower, sobbing uncontrollably, as I experienced a bitter sorrow. A feeling of great loss. I sobbed and sobbed for some time. When the sorrow and loss lifted from me I was on my knees as in the fetal position. The shower water had gone cold for some time. I got up, dried off and got dressed. I believe that Almighty God gave me just a small taste of the deep sorrow and loss that our Abba Father feels when someone enters eternity into Satan's domain and the realm of darkness. HELL !!!

That afternoon, in my pretentious attitude, God showed me how deep the sorrow and loss is when a soul is lost to Satan.

He sent His son to make a way ... where there was no way. The cost was so great that day on Golgotha as is the love He has for each one of us. The cost to us  ... nothing, it's a free gift to whoever would receive it. He paid the price of salvation ... the redemption of mankind. The price was paid for those who accept it and those who reject it. How sad ... Don't reject the treasure that is eternity with Almighty God ... to the deception of Satan and an eternity in the lake of fire. Accept salvation today ...

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. - John 3:16

I am a little wiser now after the passing of many years and I now know that I don't know everything about prophecy ... and I don't have to. But I do know about the deep love of the Father and what makes Him sorrow.

When we step into eternity and meet Jesus in the clouds and look into His eyes ... we will see what seems like oceans of love. Then He will take us to the Father.

This world's only hope ... is our blessed hope ... Jesus the Christ. Share the love of Almighty God today, and all your days.

Blessings saints.


1Thessalonians 5:16 -18   Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.   KJV

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Steve this is perhaps the most beautiful story I've ever heard. When you first told it to me it occupied my mind for days, and in fact still does. God showed you something that silences every question about the love of God for every person he has brought into the world. The bitter sorrow of the Father that so intensely brought you to your knees under that shower in overwhelming pain, not even noticing the water long gone cold pouring on you, speaks volumes. If there's anyone out there who thinks that you have been too evil for ever the Father to love you, listen to the pain that God expressed through this overwhelming experience he gave Steve in answer to his question, something he -and anyone who hears this -will never forget.


Steve you did an excellent job expressing every detail of the emotion involved in such an intense and unique experience, everyone needs to hear this. You are very "greatly blessed, and highly favored!"





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