Any dreams or visions
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Vision by a RaptureWatchFamily member
121833 1 months ago
Americas GRIM Future: FIRE, Bombs, and a Russian Invasion? These Events and MORE Foretold by Various Prophets? Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together (Mind-Blowing Video)
0143 1 months ago
Minister Has a Shocking Vision of The Future and You?ll Be Amazed By What He Saw?
0270 2 months ago
Anyone have verifiable miracles?
5254 2 months ago
I seen heaven open and Jesus
1161 2 months ago
Could this vision be about the 3 days of darkness that is coming?
0189 4 months ago
Famine and Drought coming to the United States
0104 4 months ago
"I AM Coming Quickly"
3903 7 months ago
A Dream about the RFID chip (The Mark of the Beast)
0182 7 months ago
I saw Many People Dying and I was about to be Taken up in a Spaceship
0153 7 months ago
I was taken in the rapture by God
0229 7 months ago
Word to America 13 Oct 2013 .. is this being fulfilled..??
2373 8 months ago
UPDATE: Pastor T.D. Hales WARNING TO AMERICA, & Why Impeachment Will Not Happen
2832 over a year ago
Very odd Dream I had this morning May 13, 2013..
3749 over a year ago
AC is about to be revealed
0628 over a year ago
The Supper of The Lamb
0487 over a year ago
Pray for Israel
1345 over a year ago
The New Pope
1451 over a year ago
The Man
0287 over a year ago
The Earth
2458 over a year ago
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