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Any dreams or visions
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Dumitru Duduman- America Will Burn In 1 Hour -A Prophetic Warning To America 
1146 2 months ago
George Washington's Vision
0152 2 months ago
David Wilkerson¬?s Prophecy Concerning America
055 3 months ago
dream comet tsunami sequence and asking jesus details
0192 3 months ago
Mute Toddler Prophecies, 'Jesus Coming With Fire, Things Will Burn Up'
0200 3 months ago
Dream Blue rainbow crackle Music rapture trumpet
2131 4 months ago
dream of bride almost with God
0173 4 months ago
The End
7482 8 months ago
My dream
0212 9 months ago
Water and Whirlpool
3327 over a year ago
Steve Quayle¬?s Prophecy from ¬?94 Just Came True and You Won¬?t Believe What It Says About America¬?s Future That¬?s Yet To Be Fulfilled! Plus Mandatory Church Attendance for All? This US Senate Committee Member Seems to Thinks So¬?
0387 over a year ago
Dream on the rapture
2629 over a year ago
A music video of the dream I has last year of the rapture.
1330 over a year ago
Dream of the Harvest - 31 Aug 2014
3652 over a year ago
Vision by a RaptureWatchFamily member
172870 over a year ago
Anyone have verifiable miracles?
5525 over a year ago
I seen heaven open and Jesus
1458 over a year ago
Could this vision be about the 3 days of darkness that is coming?
0503 over a year ago
Famine and Drought coming to the United States
0304 over a year ago
"I AM Coming Quickly"
31514 over a year ago
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